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DVC03-SHBR Pole Bracket for Shelves or Devices

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DVC03-SHBR Pole Bracket for Shelves or Devices for 35 mm poles only (1 3/8")

This item is a pole shelf support with a 35 mm. clamp diameter in order to be set on a 35 mm. diameter pole, as the poles used on our CUZZI Pole carts and monitor desk stands.

You can use this pole clamp shelf support if you wish to attach your own designed shelf or other item or device to your DVC02 / DVC03 Pole Computer Desk or stand or to any pole with a 35 mm (1 3/8") diameter. 

Reg. Price: $55.00

Sale Price: $45.00 + Shipping $15.00 (contiguous US)

In minutes attach your item to this bracket and then just slide it onto a 35 mm diameter pole. The shelf will be easily height-adjustable, by simply tightening or loosening the clamp and sliding it along the pole to the new position.

This item fits on all our pole-based monitor desks stands.



As seen above, the small platform includes 4 holes so as to securely attach the shelf or other item onto it.

This is the same shelf clamp-on support used on our DVC Pole carts, as seen below:

CUZZI Pole Carts with clamp on shelves, lcd monitor mounts and laptop  keyboard arms


This item is 100% steel, powder coated.

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