VC01 Mobile Height-Adjustable Pole Computer Station - Sit or Stand

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VC01 Mobile Height-Adjustable Pole Computer Workstation  Sit or Stand

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 CUZZI VC01 Mobile Medical Pole Computer Workstion Sit or Stand

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The CUZZI VC01 is a very practical mobile complete LCD monitor computer pole workstation. It includes all the parts shown in the image above and you can add more parts as well. It is used as a point-of-care medical or dental computer pole cart. It's ergonomics, portability, space saving attributes and high-tech looks also make it an attractive choice in all types of businesses, trade-shows, mall kiosks, schools, and even at home. All parts are 100% height adjustable.  



It is very portable and allows for sitting or standing operation, by simply adjusting the height of any of its attachments on-the-fly. No tools needed. Simply add an extra monitor and shelf and you can use it as a 2-person workstation, saving valuable space and optimizing your investment.


Key Features:

- Solid sturdy construction
- 100% aluminum pole
- Point-of-need operation.
- Share expensive technology AND space
- Easy Installation
- Sit or stand operation
- All attachments are 100% height adjustable & swivel
- Flat Panel mount rotates 360 degrees
- Panel swivels 180 degrees, left to right
- Panel pivots 180 degrees, upwards/downwards
- Keyboard arm and mouse tray: 100% iron-made 
- Ergo Keyboard platform tilts from +15 to -20 degrees
- Large CPU / UPS holder w/strap
- Gel wrist support (reduces fatigue)
- Flexible configuration: available add-on shelves, LCD mounts, keyboards, CPU/UPS shelves, ...).
- Non-marking 3" casters, all with locks
- Cable management conduits




Keyboard Tray w/ Mouse Tray - Tilt / Swivel




VESA Monitor Mount
 with  tilt, swivel , rotate & height adjustment

VC01 Pole Computer Cart with cable management
The above cable conduit is included


The above Aluminum Cable Conduit is optional



Pole Computer Workstation with CPU Holder

CPU Holder with straps for secure mobility



Dimensions (inches)

- Overall: 24 W (footprint) x 60 H- Pole Outer Diameter: 2 3/8" (60 mm.)
- Keyboard Shelf: 19.5 W x 10 D
- Mouse Tray: 7 W x 8 D
- Printer Shelf: 16 W x 11.7 D
- Accessory Shelf:16 W x 8 D
- CPU Holder: 16 W x 7 D
- Cable Conduit: 1 x 1" square plastic tube
- Load: 100 lbs.

Printable Brochure # 1  - Parts (PDF)

Printable Brochure # 2 - Dimensions (PDF)


What is included?  

This product INCLUDES ALL of the following parts:

- (1) Aluminum Pole
- (1) Cable management conduit included pictured above. 
- (1) Chrome wheel base w/five 3" heavy-duty casters (3 w/locks)
- (1) MS LCD Mount (VESA 75/100 mm)
- (1) MT Printer or Laptop Shelf w/MS Pole Mount
- (1) MN Accessory Shelf (writing space, supplies, speakers, ...) w/MS pole mount
- (1) MK All-Steel Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Tray & Arm w/metal mouse pad w/MS pole mount
- (1) MC CPU / UPS Shelfw/adjustment belts w/MS pole mount How to add more parts?:

If you need extra parts in addition to the configuration shown above please click here, or simply contact us at  Ph: (321) 303-9598 or email us.

 You can add extra parts. Simply click on the links below:

Pricing for extra parts:

LCD Mount (MS): $85.00
Printer Shelf (MT) 16 W x 11.7" D Shelf (MN): $65.0
Accessory Shelf (MN) 16 W x  8" D Shelf (MT): $55.00
CPU Holder (MC): $85.00
Keyboard Tray with Mouse Tray (MK): $175.00


Space optimization: above, as a 2 people workstation  


 VC01 Pole Computer Desk, height adjustable, as a sit and standing computer desk


Easily transport to any location



VC01 Pole Computer Desk, height adjustable, as a sit and standing computer desk

As a multiple monitor display

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