DVC02-BYO Portable LCD Pole Stand - Build Your Own Computer Desk

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DVC02-BYO Portable LCD Pole Stand to Build Your Own Pole Computer Workstation (SKUDVC02BYO)

This is an alternative to our completely configured Computer Pole Workstations DVC03, DVC02 & VC01. Here, instead of choosing one of the configured versions, you can simply buy this DVC02-BYO adjustable rolling computer pole and then just add the components you really need and create your own customized rolling pole computer workstation.

You can add LCD Monitor mounts, Keyboard trays, Shelves and CPU holders onto the pole, at any height along the chrome section of the pole. You can create a single-person computer stand or a multiple-person computer desk, in a very small footprint, making it the ideal computer desk for small spaces. The pictures on this page show you some popular configurations.

DVC02-BYO Regular Price: $280.00 (Pole + Caster Base alone)

Sale Price:  $240.00
   + Shipping $75.00  (Ground contiguous U.S. - call for other locations and/or expedited options)

* Dimensions:  24"W x 24"D (variable) x 43-67"H (pole height adjustable).

Now you can create your own computer workstation. As an example, here you can see the DVC02-BYO Pole with a DP170W LCD Arm and a DVC03-SH Shelf.



To have an idea of complete configurations, check out these complete versions:

  • VC01 Adjustable Height Aluminum Pole Sit to  Stand LCD Computer Workstation (round base) 
  • DVC02 Adjustable height LCD Computer Workstation (round base)
  • DVC03 Adjustable height LCD Computer Workstation (square base)

Any of the components that you see on the DVC02 and DVC03 above can be added to this pole cart. Note: the parts added to the VC01 cannot, since it is a different type of pole-cart. Contact us for other components not shown here...

* Ideas: You can even create a 2-person workstation by adding 2 LCD mounts and 2 Keyboard Trays or even our DLPTA Laptop trays and use one simple location (pole) for 2 people, saving valuable office space and optimizing your computer cart investment. You can also transport from office to office in minutes.

* Sit or Stand, on the fly: all the components simply slide onto to the pole and you simply set them at your desired height, for sitting or standing operation. Simply change the height when needed in a few seconds with the handle screw on each parts' clamp mount. This on-the-fly height adjustment allows to create a practical Sit to Stand computer workstation. All the components attach with no need for tools.  

Available Parts:
a) LCD Mount (DLCD35): $65.00
b) LCD Arm 12" long - universal (DP125): $128.00
c) LCD Arm 17" long - universal  (DP170): $148.00

d) Ergonomic Keyboard Tray (DVC03_KB): $125.00
e) Extra-Long  Keyboard Tray - universal (D-WPW240): $189.00

f) Laptop Tray with keyboard holder (DLPTA): $125.00

g) Shelf for Printer, writing or laptop (DVC03_SH): $65.00
h) CPU Holder (DVC03_CPU): $45.00

i) Pole Shelf Bracket to add your own device or shelf (DVC03-SHBR): $45.00

dvc02-byo build your own pole computer desk

Example of a possible configuration

How to Order?
You can purchase online or by phone. The price above is for the DVC02-BYO pole alone, which is the height-adjustable pole + caster base. No attachments...yet.

So, 1st click on Add to Cart to buy the DVC02-BYO pole.

Then, to purchase any of the above Available Parts, click on the corresponding link above for the selected part. 

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