DW50-800 LCD Monitor Wall Mount Bracket - Quick-Release VESA

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New!  DW50-800 LCD Monitor Wall Mount Bracket - Quick-Release VESA (SKUDW50800)

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A quick-release LCD monitor mount is a efficient way to to affix your LCD monitor to a wall and retrieve it in seconds. Simply attach your LCD monitor to the 100 x 100 and 75 x 75 mm. VESA bracket plate using the provided screws. Secondly, screw the wall bracket part of the DW50-800 to the wall. Finally slide (hang) the LCD monitor onto the wall bracket and secure it using the knob.-screw


This system allows retrieving the LCD panel easily in a few seconds, as it actually hangs onto the wall bracket. If you wish to leave the LCD screen on instead of retrieving it and you believe security might be an issue, you can simply replace the knob-screw with a screw or security screw of the same thread and length. 

DW5-800 Quick Release Monitor Wall mount with VESA Pattern 100 x 100, with tilt, swivel pivot and rotate capabilities


The image above shows that you can adjust the "torque" of each articulation, meaning that you can make each movement stiffer or looser, simply by applying the provided wrench on the torque nuts. Both the swivel and tilt can be adjusted.

This LCD Wall mount even rotates, for landscape or portrait use. The above picture shows a side view and a top view, revealing that the tilt and swivel is only limited by the size of  the monitor used, since it can be adjusted until one of the monitor's sides meets the wall.

Main Dimensions:

DW50-800 Quick-Release Monitor Wall Mount - Dim

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