DKBDK Slidable Underdesk Ergonomic Keyboard Shelf w/Mouse Tray

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DKBDK Slidable Underdesk Ergonomic Keyboard Shelf w/Mouse Tray platform (SKUDKBDK)

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Add an ergonomic adjustable keyboard shelf to any table or desk, in minutes. Commercial grade mechanism 100% made of steel & the shelf made of PVC covered MDF wood. Includes a mouse tray platform, which can slide either to the left or right. Can be stowed back under the desk. The tilt is adjustable, as well as the height. The keyboard platform can also rotate at an angle.


Slidable Underdesk Ergonomic Keyboard Shelf w/Mouse Tray

The image above shows its ample adjustment possibilities: from simply pulled-out straight to tilted, elevated, flush horizontal with the tabletop, and even above the tabletop. The position then can be stiffened or directly locked by turning the knob clockwise.

Dimensions: Slide in and out Under desk Ergonomic Keyboard Shelf w/Mouse Tray

The keyboard tray dimensions allow fitting most of the keyboards available in the market. It can also be used to place a small laptop. The tray includes an ergonomic gel wrist-pad, attached to the surface, which also prevents the keyboard from slipping off.

Slidable Under tabletop tiltable Ergonomic Keyboard Shelf w/Mouse Tray

As shown above, the keyboard tray's "rotating" movement allows it to be aimed to the sides, a convenient feature if installing the keyboard shelf towards the side of a long desk or table, or for custom installations. 

Universal ergonomic keyboard shelf with mouse tray for table with tilt and height adjustment

This keyboard platform is made of 100% steel and will prove to be a very reliable and comfortable work aid for years.  

Ergonomic keyboard shelf with mouse tray that tilts& swivels; is also height adjustable. Slides in and out, under tabletop

The installation is very simple (click here for narrative PDF): the above tray and mechanism combo simply slides into a metal rail that is attached to the bottom of your table or desk. All hardware is included to ensure a quick installation. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: for the keyboard tray to totally slide under the tabletop, you will need at least 18" of available depth under your tabletop, in the middle (in front of your chair), so as to attach the rail that will hold the keyboard tray (click on thumbnail image on the left).

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