D131AA Articulated Wall or Desk Monitor and Keyboard arm

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31AA CD Articulated Monitor and Keyboard Arm for  Wall or Table mount (w/Clamp) - Extendable 

Easily create a stand-up computer workstation on any table or affix on a wall

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This is an articulated arm that holds a LCD Monitor mount plus a keyboard tray with a mouse pad. It can be attached to a desk, table or to a wall. You can easily transform a table into a standing computer workstation.

You can also install it on a wall to be used either in sitting OR standing position.

Articulated LCD Monitor and Keyboard Desk and wall arm

Common applications:

a) On a desk or table: when installed on a desk, the keyboard will stay 10" above the tabletop (about 40" from the floor), being mostly suitable for  stand-up operation, since it surely will be too high for most users for sitting operation. 

Tip: if installed on a compact computer cart like the STS5806 model shown below, you can quickly create a portable stand up workstation

Desk and wall mountable LCD Monitor and Keyboard arm

b) On a wall: you can create a computer station on any wall. When mounted to a wall, you will have to select the mounting spot on the wall to choose if you will be using it as a stand-up computer station or in sitting mode. It can be installed for EITHER sitting OR standing operation, but not both simultaneously, since this LCD / Keyboard combo is not height adjustable.

Please call us before ordering to see if this item will be applicable to your installation project.


Wall Keyboard arm with LCD Monitor Bracket. Desk Monitor and Keyboard arm combo

Arm extension: the LCD / Keyboard arm always extends 100% parallel to the floor. It extends from 22 to 37" (distance between rear of the clamp -or the wall- to the front of keyboard). The height is not adjustable.

The LCD monitor can tilt, swivel & rotate and face anywhere.

The Keyboard Tray is fixed at a set angle related to the LCD vertical square pole. The tray can slightly tilt and it rotates. The arm also swivels 360 degrees around the base, so it can be moved out of the way when not in use, or aim at a side if needed.  

Important: for Wall Mountingmake sure the wall can support the product weight (25 lbs.) plus your LCD  + keyboard and the movement of the arm. Install only with fasteners applicable to the wall characteristics, preferably on studs.

Only the vertical part of the clamp is used for wall mounting. Six bolts through the holes on this vertical section of the clamp, onto the wall stud, or concrete wall. The bottom piece of the clamp is not used for wall mounting:


Wall Keyboard arm with LCD Monitor Bracket. Clamp on Desk Monitor and Keyboard arm combo


Heavy-duty dual bolt clamp: instead of using just one flimsy plastic-knob screw like of the the items in the market, this unit uses 2 all metal bolts, to better distribute the pressure on the clamp's base. Also, no possibility of broken knobs.

* What fits?

- For monitors up to 25 lbs and up to approximately 32" diagonal width
- Monitor Height without stand should be less than 17.5"
- VESA mount pattern 100 x 100 & 75 x 75.
Adapter available for 200 x 100 monitors or TVs

* Dimensions:

- Keyboard Shelf dimensions: 25 W x 10 D
- Monitor / Keyboard extension range from the clamp's rear end (or wall): from 22" to 37"
- Monitor Height from clamp base to center of LCD bracket: 23".

* Other Specs:

- Keyboard w/foam pad for mouse and wrists.
- Clamp opening: from 2.25 to 5"
- Ideal "overhang" for clamp to fully secure to the edge: 3"


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