Closed from 12/25/23 to 01/02/24.

All Orders received these days will ship on Tuesday 01/02/2024.when we re-open. 

Online Orders, Email Inquiries are ALWAYS active

1. Can I send questions via email?   

2. Can I order online during the days you are closed?
       YES, and all orders received will be shipped on Tuesday 01/02/2024 when we re-open. We will send you the tracking info as soon as the labels are generated.

3. Can I call with questions about shipping, product details, orders, etc...
       No, but you can email us at

4. If I ordered an item late Friday 12/22/2023 or during this weekend, when will it ship?
 Will ship on Tuesday 01/02/2024. 

5. Once you ship, how long does it take for me to receive the order?
     From 1 to 5 business days via Fedex or UPS Ground. The tracking information will show the estimated delivery date.  Here you can also see a Fedex Map with estimated times depending on the destination state. 
Ph: (321) 303-9598