DLAC2DFL Laptop Desk Tray & Arm with LCD Monitor Arm

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DLAC2DFL Laptop Desk Arm Tray with LCD Monitor Arm and keyboard holder

for Desk & Wall Mount  - C Clamp

- Create a stand-up laptop tray in seconds.
- Height Adjustable - Sit or Stand
- Includes a pull-out keyboard holder


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This is a simple way to add a laptop arm and monitor arm combo to any table. It can also be attached directly to a wall.

This item helps save space on your tabletop while also allowing you to quickly switch from sitting to standing position by adjusting the height of the laptop along the pole. Also, the arms wing all around the pole so it is easy to aim the laptop and monitor in any direction. 

You can add an extra monitor (DFL17FL) or laptop arm (DLPTA) to the pole, so two people can work in a very small area if needed. 

To attach to a table, simply use the C-clamp.  To attach to a wall, just bolt the vertical part of the clamp to the wall. 

* Features: 
- As a laptop desk-stand, simply clamp the pole onto the edge of your desk, table or counter-top. No tools required.
- The height adjustable laptop arm can travel along the 18" high pole, allowing sit or standing operation
- The adjustable LCD monitor mount has the same adjustability as the laptop arm tray.
- VESA LCD monitor mount 100 x 100 & 75 x 75 mm.
- Both arms rotate 360 degrees around the pole
- Fully articulated arms
- Torque adjustable arms in each articulation
- Laptop tray tilts: from 0 - 45 degrees
- Laptop tray included keyboard holder to add an external keyboard,
- Perforated laptop tray for ventilation
- Sitting or standing position
- Attach to a desk or table via C Clamp, bolt onto a wall
- Anti-slip laptop pads 

Transform your table, desk or
 wall into a height-adjustable laptop stand workstation for sit or standing use. Save space on your desk by adding this heavy-duty clamp-on laptop + keyboard arm tray, with height, tilt, rotate and swivel adjustment. Mounts to a desk, table or a wall.

Tip: add an extra laptop arm (item: DLPTA Extra Laptop Arm Tray for 35 mm. poles): just add an extra laptop arm, so 2 users can operate laptops in quite the same spot. 

Easy clamp-on installation to a table edge: easily clamp this laptop/monitor arm combo to your table as shown below.


DLAC2 Laptop Tray for Desk (Clamp-on) or Bolt on Wall, also with keyboard holder


Heavy-duty dual bolt clamp: instead of using just one flimsy plastic-knob screw like of the the items in the market, this unit uses 2 all metal bolts, to better distribute the pressure on the clamp's base. Also, no possibility of broken knobs.

Easy clamp-on installation to a wall: 

When attached to a wall, you can use this arm as a height adjustable wall laptop arm. To attach to a wall, use the vertical section of the clamp only -without using the dual-bolt section shown below- and bolt it onto the vertical surface.

Clamp on Pole for laptop trays and monitor mounts

 As shown below, all the articulations are torque-adjustable, so you choose how smooth the arm articulates.


* Color: Silver

* Dimensions:
- Laptop tray: 12" W x 11.8" D 
- Distance from edge of pole to front edge of tray: 22.5" (max. extension)
- LCD Monitor Arm extends to 17" from edge of [pole to back of LCD bracket
- LCD Monitor VESA Hole pattern: 100 x 100 + 75 x 75 mm.
- Pole Diam.: 35 mm.
- Pole Height: 18"
- Ideal free edge overhang needed for desk clamp 3.5"
- Desk clamp opens to 4 1/2".

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