DP855BS 20" Adjustable Height LCD Monitor Pole Mount Arm - Also for Wall and Desk

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DP855BS 20" Adjustable Height  LCD Monitor Pole Mount Arm - Also for Wall and Desk

Pole clamp fits 1.25 - 2.5" diam. poles (see below for 1" or 3" diam. poles)
For monitors from 6.5 to 17.5 lbs.

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Click on this video to see its capabilities:


* Features:
- Mounts to 1.25" (32 mm.) to 2.5" (64 mm.) diameter poles; an extra clamp is available for 1" poles; special bolts for 3" poles)
- Optional Desk-Clamp
- Also attaches to walls and firm vertical surfaces (desks, counters, ..)
- Pull-down / extendable / orientable LCD arm
- Arm swivels 180 degrees (side to side)
- Screen rotates 360 degrees; pivots 180 degrees (ceiling /  floor / left /right)
- Motion torque is adjustable
- Height and orientation can be adjusted in seconds



Adjustable TV Monitor Pole Clamp Arm VESA


- Extension range: 20" when 100% horizontal
- Height range: 14" when at most upright position, which will have a 25 degree tilt (please see image above)

- VESA compliant hole pattern: 75 & 100 mm.
- Monitor weight range: 6.5 to up to 17.5 lbs.


This height-adjustable pole-mount LCD arm can be attached to a pole or a wall. Also to a desk with optional desk-clamp. It allows to pull-down the monitor, while extending its reach. You can also make the LCD screen face 100% to the sides, floor or the ceiling.


Adjustable TV Monitor Pole Clamp Arm VESA for Pole, Wall and Desk mount


The torque of the LCD bracket can be easily adjusted, as well as the arm's lansdcape mode on mobile phones

Screen can rotate 360 degrees (landscape or portrait). This all-steel pole-clamp LCD arm attaches to common sized poles used in most dental chairs. The pole must be very firm, due to the weight of the monitor and the daily adjustments. Strong proven design and construction that will ensure years of use.


 The following drawing is better displayed in landscape mode on mobile phones: 

DP855BS Monitor Pole Arm Height Adjustable Drawing


 Options: simply select "YES" or "NO" in the drop-down menu while ordering

1) DPA-1 (+ $28.00): Optional Extra Clamp for poles from 1" to 1.5" diameters: add this clamp when ordering and simply swap the original clamp for the DPA-1.

Pole Clamp for Poles Diameters down to 1"

DPA-1 Optional Pole Clamp for 1" diam. poles

2) Set of DB3 Bolts (+ $5.00): special Bolts for poles up to 3" diameter.

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Dr Ed Smith
Praise for DP855BS 20" mount

I mounted 2" pole behind center console in Escalade 6 years and 275,000 miles ago. Has worked flawlessly on literally a daily basis for all these years and miles. I steadied the pole with a simple wire "stay" with turnbuckle to floor seat mount. Load mount adjustment is starting to loosen. If I can't repair, I will replace unit. I highly recommend.

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