DQD32STB Heavy-Duty Quad Monitor Desk Stand

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DQD32STB Heavy-Duty Quad Monitor Desk Stand

Save space on your desk with this sturdy monitor stand for 4 monitors! The monitors heights can be adjusted along the pole and also the gap between the side by side monitors can be eliminated. The monitors can slide sideways along their rails for the best positioning. The cables run inside the pole and along the arms via cable clips. You can also just assemble one pair of arms and use this stand as a dual monitor stand. The pole is 24" tall and it comes with a sturdy low-profile weighted base. To further save space on the tabletop, the base can be eliminated by just bolting the pole onto the surface. 

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Main Features:

- Heavy-duty commercial grade construction
- Adjustable height and width Quad LCD Monitor Desk Stand
- For Monitors up to 28" actual width, and up to 16" tall (w/o stand)
- Can be used for 2 or 4 monitors
- Space saving low-profile weighted base
- Arms are height adjustable in 1/ 1/4" increments
- Monitor brackets tilt, swivel, rotate
- Brackets also slide along the arms, to eliminate middle gap
- Mounting Options: a) With weighted base, OR... b) bolted onto to the surface, from under the table or above.
- Arms with reinforcement braces.
- Cable management clips
- Cables run inside the pole, which has 2 large openings for cables.
- VESA 100 x 100 & 75 x 75

Quad monitor desk stand
Quad LCD monitor stand, adjustable height & width
Quad monitor desk stand for 4 monitors

Quad LCD monitor stand: adjustable height & width

Adjustable quad monitor stand: monitor arms can be height adjusted

Can also be bolted on tabletop, from under or above

Quad monitor stand can be bolted onto the desk or used with its base

Sliding LCD Brackets: can reduce gap between monitors 

Monitor stand for 4 monitors with sliding brackets

Reinforced Arms

Reinforced Quad Monitor Stand: with heavy-duty reinforced arms

Easy cable management: inside the pole and on arms via cable clips.

Quad monitor desk stand with base and cable management: cable runs inside the pole

Cable clips

Quad monitor desk stand with cable clips for cable management

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