DW395-DLPTA-TR 47" Laptop Wall Arm

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DW395-DLPTA 47" Extra-Long Articulated Laptop Wall Arm - White / Silver - Heavy-Duty

This is a heavy-duty medical grade sturdy long reach articulated Laptop Wall arm. Its 47" length and all its positioning capabilities make it the ideal arm for use in exam rooms, patient rooms or home. Its advantage is not only in the sturdy extra strong construction, but also in its unlimited positioning possibilities, since the Laptop Tray can face anywhere: front or right / left sides. Also useful to bring a laptop to close to a Dental Chair.

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* Reg. Price: $320.00
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* Dimensions: 
- Max. Extension: 47" from wall to tip of laptop tray. 40" from wall to center of tray.
- Minimum Length (100% against wall): 6" . To fold completely against the wall the laptop tray can be set vertically.
- Laptop Tray: 11.75 W x 11.75 D.
- What fits? Maximum width 15.5" (maximum width between left & right lateral supports). Lateral supports can be slided along the side in case they interfere with ports or switches.
- Arm Mounting Base: 4" W x 5.5" H
- Weight capacity: 26 lbs.
- Color: white arm with silver tray


The image below shows the cable management conduits included with the arm. Simply snap them on to hide the eventual cables.

Articulated laptop wall Arm 47" Long


The laptop tray is 100% Made of steel and powder coated (arm: white; tray: silver). The tray has perforations for ventilation. It also includes side laptop supports that adapt for laptops up to 15.5" wide. These supports slide back and front to get out of the way of connectors or switches. The front edge has a 0.5" raised lip so the laptop tray can safely tilted. We recommend not more than 20 degrees, unless you secure the laptop with Velcro or other solution. The item includes 4 rubber pads to help keep the laptop in place.

When not in use, the arm can be simply pushed all the way back against the wall, and the laptop tray can even be tilted to 100% vertical (after retrieving the laptop, of course), to keep the arm out of the way.

In the photo below you can see that the tray also rotates (swivels) left & right.

Laptop Wall arm 47" Long with rotating & tilting laptop tray

Please note that this arm will extend back and forth, as explained above, but not up or down. It will always be parallel to the floor. It is not designed to go up or down, although the tray itself is tiltable.


Tiltable laptop Wall arm 47" long

Top View:

Ventil;ated Laptop Wall Arm & Tray - 47" Long


Bottom View (sliding support rails):


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