DW395W 39.5" Extra-Long Articulated LCD Monitor Wall Arm - White

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DW395W 39.5" Extra-Long Articulated LCD Monitor Wall Arm - White (SKUD395W)

* Dimensions:
- Max. Extension: 39.5" from wall to VESA monitor mounting plate.
- Min. Length (100% against wall): 5.5"
- VESA mount hole pattern: 75 and 100 mm. (adapter available for 200 x 100)
- Base: 4" W x 5.5" H
- Weight capacity: 26 lbs.
- Color: white

* Reg. Price: $289.00
* Temporary Sale Price: $249.00 + $39.00 Shipping (contiguous US Only)

This is a great very sturdy long reach articulated TV Monitor Wall arm. Its 39.5" length and all the viewing capabilities make it the ideal arm for use in exam rooms, patient rooms or home. Its advantage is not only in the sturdy extra strong construction, but also in its unlimited viewing possibilities, since the TV monitor can face anywhere, even 100% to the floor, ceiling or any wall. Can be used on the sides of a bed or on the headboard wall, depending on the application. Also useful to bring a monitor to close to a Dental Chair. 

We also have this monitor wall arm available with a keyboard tray attached.

When not in use, the arm can be simply pushed all the way back against the wall, as shown on the pictures below and by clicking the thumbnail images.

* Extra Long LCD Heavy-Duty Monitor wall arm: this solid 100% steel folding monitor arm that extends from 5.5" to 39.5" long. 

Please note that this arm will extend back and forth, as explained above. It will always be parallel to the floor. It is not designed to go up or down. The image below shows a top view of the arm, so you can see the articulations. Do not confuse the following image with a "side view". The monitor tilts 90 degrees to each side and up or down!

Top Views:


 Top View 39.5 inch long healthcare TV Monitor Wall Arm

Partially extended (above)

Top View of LCD TV Wall Arm VESA 39.5 inches long Hospital, Healthcare, Home Bed use

Flat against the wall (above)


This extra long LCD wall arm has unlimited viewing possibilities: the monitor can face almost anywhere. The LCD bracket tilts 90 degrees up or down, swivels 90 degrees to each side and rotates 360 degrees. Therefore, it can face 100% straight down to the bed or floor and to any wall.

Fold Flat or Extend to 39.5 inches LCD Monitor TV Wall Arm for Hospital, Healthcare, Home in Bed use, Dental Practice

Very practical for viewing a monitor or iPAD in bed(w/optional iPAD holder), the arm can be installed on a side wall; or on the headboard wall. The monitor can also be viewed in landscape or portrait mode.

LCD Monitor articulated TV hospital wall arm 39.5 inches long for Hospital, Healthcare, Dental Practice, Home in bed use.

Multiple adjustable articulations: the above movements are possible due to its multiple articulations: 1) next to the wall base (swivel 180 degrees); 2) elbow (swivel ~ 340 degrees); 3) at VESA plate (swivel 180 degrees and tilt 180 degrees); 4) Rotation (360 degrees).

* Torque adjustment: the torque (smoothness) of all the articulations can be easily adjusted.

* Cable Management: the cables can be run through the conduits on the arms.


1) D-REF Installation Reinforcement Plate: to ensure a sturdier installation, especially on hollow walls or non-concrete walls, we recommend the D-REF Installation Reinforcement Plate. This plate increases the size of the base, while adding extra mounting holes so as to better "catch" on studs or wall reinforcements. Click here to buy. 

2) D200100  VESA Adapter: for TVs or LCD monitors with a 200 x 100 hole pattern simply add this adapter (select on drop down menu when buying the arm)

3) D-IP iPAD Holder (+ $40.00): as shown above, you can attach an iPAD using this iPAD holder, for iPADS 1 & 2, or similar sized tablets. Select on drop down menu when buying the arm.

Need a longer over-the-bed hospital LCD Wall Arm? 
Click here to see our DW630W 63" Long Hospital Over-bed Wall LCD Arm. 


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