K-HSW Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Commercial Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Touch-Free Dispenser

Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispenser Station, Commercial Touchless Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Stand with drip tray for  Stores, Office, School, Restaurant, Church, Lobbies, Public Areas…

For wall-mounting, for liquid or liquid gel sanitizer. Can also be mounted on floor stands.

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This Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser works with most liquid and gel sanitizer brands, such as: Purell, Gogo, Germ-X, Zip, ULine, Germ Attack, etc..  No special-nozzle refill bottle needed. Just fill the reservoir with your favorite refill-sanitizer. Economically, gallon bottle refill jugs are your best bet. 

Depending on the product brand used, you may have to dilute the liquid to find the best dispensing. 

It is a great solution to create a hands-free touch-less hand sanitizing station for restaurants, churches, medical centers, dental practices, banks, supermarkets and any facility with a public entrance. This item includes the universal floor stand and the touch-free dispenser.

You can buy this sanitizer dispenser with a floor stand included. We also have a Desktop sanitizer dispenser version


  • Touch-free: infrared sensor that automatically dispenses when your hand is detected
  • Same day shipping from Florida, USA (orders must be received before 03:00 PM EST)
  • Can be used with Liquid or Gel hand Sanitizer (not Foam or Spray)
  • Prepared for Liquids and Gels prepared under CDC alcohol content guidelines (at least 60%)
  • No special refill cartridges needed
  • Large 1000 cc capacity (1 US quart)
  • Non touch operation to prevent germ infections spread
  • Battery Operated
  • Drip pan to aid in hygiene maintenance
  • Set-up in a few minutes

Does not include batteries or sanitizing liquids or gels.
Due to COVID-19 safety measures, this item is not returnable, even if unopened.


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