RE-3 - Set of four 3" Casters with Metric Stem M8 x 22 mm. x 1.25 pitch

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RE-3  - Set of four 3" Casters with Metric Stem M8  x 1.25 pitch x 22 mm. long

  for CUZZI Computer Desks and Carts


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Improve the rolling capabilities of your computer desk with this set of 3" commercial-grade rubber casters (PU).

Many computer, laptop carts and other compact rolling devices come from the factory with 2" casters, which are appropriate for regular use on smooth floors or thin carpeted floors. Nevertheless, the rolling capabilities can be significantly improved by adding larger 3" rubber commercial-grade casters (wheels). 

3" Commercial Grade Metris Stem caster Set Metric Stem M8 x 1.25 pitch x 22 mm

- M8 x 1.25 Metric stem: please notice that these casters come with metric stems. Most casters available in the market come only with "standard spec" stems and cannot be installed on imported items. The standard spec stem will not thread into the threaded hole in your unit if your desk has a metric stem.

3" Commercial casters with metric stem m8 x 1.25 pitch

Load Rate: 125 lbs. e.a.

If you do not know the actual thready type & size of your current caster, just remove it and take it to Ace Hardware, Home-Depot, Lowe's or another hardware store and have an associate determine it for you.

Our casters fit on all CUZZI Desks and on any item that uses a M8 metric stem (pitch 1.25) (up to 22 mm. long). If  this stem is too long for your application, it can easily be cut with a hacksaw.

These casters (wheels) come in a set of 4 casters, two with locks (brakes intended for the front) and two without (rear). The ones for the front include a pedal-type brake, to hold your computer desk or cart in place.

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