VC01-MK-KB Keyboard Tray for VC01 Pole Computer Workstation

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VC01-MK-B  All-Metal Ergonomic Keyboard Tray w/ Mouse Tray for VC01 Pole Computer Cart

- Tiltable
- Height Adjustable
- With Mouse Tray
- Gel wrist cushion

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This is the ergonomic keyboard arm that comes included in the configuration of the VC01 Pole Computer Cart.


VC01-MK-KB Keyboard Tray for CUZZI VC01 Pole Computer Workstation

It comes with all the hardware necessary to attach the keyboard shelf to the slotted aluminum pole.

VC01-MK-KB Keyboard Tray for CUZZI VC01 Pole Computer Workstation


By adding extra monitor mounts, keyboard trays and shelves, a VC01 Computer Cart can be simultaneously be used by more than one operator.


VC01 Pole computer cart operated by 2 people

 This ergonomic keyboard tray is totally adjustable: height, tilt and swivel. The shelf includes a gel wrist pad along the front edge. The mouse tray is also tiltable and has a rubberized pad.

Tilt and height adjustments are secured via an oversized knob to lock into the desired position.

The keyboard tray's attachment to the pole is totally height adjustable along the pole and swivels, as well as all the other attachments to this PC pole cart.

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