VC01-MS LCD Monitor for VC01 Pole Computer Workstation

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VC01-MS LCD Monitor for VC01 Pole Computer Workstation

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The VC01-MS is a VESA standard LCD mount which has been especially designed to attach LCD monitors to the CUZZI VC01 Computer Pole workstation or to a wall using our wall adapter.

Note: if you are looking for a Pole-Mount LCD monitor bracket or clamp to fit on poles with diameters from 1.3 to 2.8", please click here to see our Universal LCD pole mounts & arms.

The VC01-MS LCD mount is generally used to add more than one LCD screen to the VC01 computer pole workstation. Its swivel, rotate and tilt capabilities also make it a convenient wall mount LCD bracket as well (a wall mount adapter is needed; please call us for information).

VC01-MS LCD Monitor Pole Bracket Mount for CUZZI VC01 Pole Carts and Walls

* How to mount the bracket to the pole: loosen the inner slotted part of the pole bracket. Then slide that part into the slots of the pole, down from the top tip of the pole. Then just adjust the wing-nut to hold at the position desired.

To facilitate adjustments without needing any tools, the mount now comes with a wing-nut instead of the dual-bolt set up shown in some of the images)


When mounting to a wall, the pole mount piece is replaced by a wall adapter.

The VESA plate, which includes the required metric screws, will attach to the rear of the monitor, by matching the standard 75 or 100 mm. hole pattern.

By adding more LCD monitors to the VC01 Pole Workstation, this mount facilitates using several monitors at the point of care and even saving space and technology by allowing 2 people to share one lcd trolley in a 24" footprint.

LCD mount flat panel monitor pole mount cart used by 2 individuals as portable computer workstation

The wall adapter for this LCD mount also allows attaching all the other components of the VC-01 pole workstation (shelves, ergonomic keyboard and CPU holder) to a wall.

All the parts shown on the VC01 Pole Cart can be purchased separately.

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