DLPTA Laptop Arm & Tray for 35 mm diameter poles only - Does not include the pole

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DLPTA  Laptop & Keyboard Tray Arm for 35 mm diameter Poles - Clamp-on  (w/o pole) - SKUDLPTA

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100% made of metal, with adjustable torque articulations.

The DLPTA is the ideal solution to add a laptop arm & tray to any 35 mm. diameter pole. This item is the same clamp-on pole laptop-keyboard arm used in our DLAC2 Laptop Desk or Wall Arm, but without the pole. It is intended for users that already have a 35mm. diameter pole. like the ones used on our pole-computer desks. Therefore, it includes the articulated laptop arm plus the laptop tray (not the pole), for applications where the installer already has a 35 mm. diam. pole. 

Note: if you need a "clamp-on-desk pole" or "wall-mount-pole", please contact us.

Ideal for your project. You just need to be sure the pole you are using is exactly 35 mm. in diameter. If your pole has a different diameter, contact us.

This laptop arm is often used to add a laptop tray to our DVC03 LCD Pole workstations or to any of 35mm. diameter our pole LCD monitor mounts. 

Many add it as a second tray for the DLAC2 Desk Laptop Arm and Tray


Don't have the pole?
If you need to add this laptop arm & tray to a table or desk, but do not have the pole and desk clamp, then you will need this item instead, which includes the clamp-on pole: DLAC2 Laptop Desk or Wall Arm .




The first image above shows the pull-out wire-keyboard holder. The second picture shows the three torque-adjustable articulations, which allow it to act as an elbow arm that can be pushed next to the pole or be fully extended up to 22.5". The laptop platform can also swing 360 around the pole. The tray itself also rotates, so virtually any position can be achieved.
As shown in the top image, the tilt can be adjusted from zero (horizontal) to forty-five degrees. A lip prevents the laptop from slipping off, aided by anti-slip pads. The height can also be adjusted along the pole where it will be mounted, by slightly releasing the pole-clamp lever (no tools needed).

The platform has a ventilated surface. This item is totally made of steel, used for commercial, industrial, overall business, and even home-office applications. The surface is powder coated with lead-free silver paint. 

Color: Silver

* Dimensions:
- Laptop tray: 12" W x 11.8" D
- Distance from edge of pole to front edge of tray: 22.5" (max. extension).
- Pole Clamp Diameter: only for 35 mm. (1 3/8") outer diameter poles


1) Pole is not included: as mentioned above, this item does not include the pole, which is only shown to help understand the product's application

2) Only for 35mm. diameter poles: this clamp can only be used on 35 mm. external diameter poles (approx/ 1 3/8").

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