DLAC2 Laptop Desk Mount Stand Tray Arm with C Clamp

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DLAC2 Laptop Desk Mount Stand Tray Arm with keyboard holder for Desk & Wall Mount  - C Clamp

- Create a stand-up laptop tray in seconds.
- Height Adjustable - Sit or Stand

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* Includes a pull-out keyboard holder

DLAC2 Laptop Tray for Desk (Clamp-on) or Bolt on Wall, also with keyboard holder

Simply use the C-clamp to attach this  adjustable-height laptop desk stand tray to a table or desk and you can switch from sitting at your desk to standing in front of your laptop for a healthy switch in your working position. The tray tilts and can swing all around the tray. You can also bolt it onto a wall.

* Features:
- Height adjustable laptop arm mount can travel along the 18" high pole, allowing sit or standing operation
- Arm rotates 360 degrees around the pole
- Fully articulated
- Laptop tray tilts: from 0 - 45 degrees
- Perforated laptop tray for ventilation
- Sitting or standing position
- Add your regular keyboard
- Attach to a desk or table via C Clamp, bolt onto a wall
- Anti-slip laptop pads 

Transform your table, desk or wall into a height-adjustable laptop stand workstation for sit or standing use. Save space on your desk by adding this heavy-duty clamp-on laptop + keyboard arm tray, with height, tilt, rotate and swivel adjustment. Mounts to a desk, table or a wall.

You can also add your regular keyboard on the included pull-out keyboard holder (image above).

* Options:

You can add the following items:

a) D-LCD35 height-adjustable monitor mount bracket (shown below and mounted, above). 
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DLCD VESA Pole Bracket for 35 mm poles


b) DFL17ARM height-adjustable monitor arm (shown below):
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c) DLPTA Extra Laptop Arm Tray for 35 mm. poles: just add an extra laptop arm, so 2 users can operate laptops in quite the same spot.


* Idea: if you like to work with a bigger monitor than your laptop's one and also a wider keyboard tray, you can use your laptop merely as a CPU. Then just add a regular keyboard on the keyboard holder plus an extra monitor (requires optional D-LCD35 bracket or DF17ARM arm  shown above).

The heavy-duty clamp allows to also screw this laptop -keyboard arm onto a wall.

Heavy-duty dual bolt clamp: instead of using just one flimsy plastic-knob screw like of the the items in the market, this unit uses 2 all metal bolts, to better distribute the pressure on the clamp's base. Also, no possibility of broken knobs.

DLAC2 Laptop Tray for Desk (Clamp-on) or Bolt on Wall, also with keyboard holder

 As shown below, all the articulations are torque-adjustable, so you choose how smooth the arm articulates.

When attached to a wall, you can use this arm as a height adjustable wall laptop arm. To attach to a wall, use the vertical section of the clamp only -without using the dual-bolt section shown below- and bolt it onto the vertical surface.

Clamp on Pole for laptop trays and monitor mounts

* Color: Silver

* Dimensions:
- Laptop tray: 12" W x 11.8" D 
- Distance from edge of pole to front edge of tray: 22.5" (max. extension)
- Pole Diam.: 35 mm.
- Pole Height: 18"
- Ideal free edge overhang needed for desk clamp 3.5"
- Desk clamp opens to 4 1/2"

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