DVC03-SH Shelf for CUZZI DVC Pole Carts & 35 mm. pole diameters

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DVC03-SH Pole Shelf for CUZZI DVC Pole Computer Workstations and 35 mm Poles.

Add a clamp-on Pole Shelf to a 35 mm diameter pole or to any of our CUZZI DVC Pole carts, such as the DVC04 Pole Computer Workstation line. Simply slide the shelf onto the workstation's pole or to any 35 mm. diam. pole (1 3/8" diam). * NOTE: will only work on exactly 35 mm. diameter poles. Please measure your pole's diameter before ordering.

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Easily choose the height along the pole and then secure it by tightening the clamp using handle on the clamp's handle screw. No tools required.

CUZZI DVC Computer Pole Carts for sit or stand operation

Below you can see the DVC03-SH pole-clamp shelf attached to the CUZZI DVC03 Pole workstation, used as a laptop shelf.

CUZZI Pole Shelf used as a laptop shelf on a CUZZI Pole Computer Workstation
The shelf swivels 90 degrees to each side and also rotates 360 degrees around the pole. Includes one cable management clip on the pole bracket.

CUZZI Pole Shelf shown holding a Laptoop on a CUZZI DVC03 Pole Computer Workstation

Shelf Dimensions: Front Width 19.75"; Rear Width 16"; Depth15.75"

CUZZI DVC03-SH pole Shelf dimensions

Use it to hold a printer, scanner or as a laptop pole shelf. Also used for medical devices or simply to achieve extra portable writing space.

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