DC982CA Hospital Ceiling TV Monitor Mount - Rotating - Height Adjustable

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CUZZI DC982CA Long Reach Adjustable Height Ceiling Monitor Arm - White

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This hospital monitor ceiling mount & arm is height adjustable via a built in gas spring. You also choose the "drop"  (length) of the first section of the mount (see video clip below). This height adjustable ceiling monitor arm also rotates around the vertical pole which is attached to the ceiling. Its swiveling and height adjustability allows the monitor to face in all directions.  Since the section of the arm that attached to the pole is height adjustable, you can move it out of the way when not in use, optimizing personnel circulation in tight spots. This is  great solution in situations where a monitor is needed but a wall in not available or when attaching to a wall is not practical or would complicate the working area.. 

This video clip will show you the movement scope of this versatile suspended  ceiling monitor mount & arm:



Watch on YouTube: full movements

Ideal for hospital rooms and other healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, dental offices and homes. 


 Watch on YouTube: assembly & wire management



DC982CA Hospital bed Monitor Ceiling Mount with Adjustable Height and rotation

Aim the monitor in any direction

The above drawing shows the main dimensions, in inches. You can see how the first section (the part attached to the ceiling) can be set to drop from 30.51" to 46.25". This drop is selected when attaching the arm and can be adjusted by removing and re-inserting 2 Allen bolts, as shown in the first video clip above.

The second section is the 43.3" (3.6 feet) horizontal arm, which always stays horizontal  and can rotate 323 degrees around the pole.

The third section, which holds the monitor, can articulate from totally horizontal down to almost vertical. When totally horizontal the maximum length of the arm will be 98.89" (8.24 feet) and the drop would be 69.60" from the ceiling (5.8 feet). If that third section is dropped down to almost vertical, the total length will be 47.44 (3.95 feet) and the total drop would be 85.35" (7 feet) from the ceiling.


DC982 Medical Ceiling Monitor Arm for Hospital Bed and Dental Office. Long Reach Ceiling Monitor Arm height adjustable.