DW630W-1218 63" Long Reach OverBed Hospital LCD Monitor TV Wall Arm - Temporarily Out of Stock

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DW630W-1218 63" Hospital LCD Monitor TV Wall Arm - Over the Bed Arm Long Reach monitor arm

For monitors from 12 to 18 lbs.

The Monitor can face down, towards the headboard, to any side and even totally forward.

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 This new extra-long gas-assisted monitor wall arm is normally installed on a wall for as an in-bed monitor arm, used at hospitals, assisted living facilities, dental practices, and even homes. It is also used in sitting or standing position where a long monitor arm is required. Can only be attached to a vertical surface (not ceilings or floors).


The long wall monitor arm allows to set the monitor or TV in any position or move it out of the way when not in use. Also can be used as a forward-facing extra long monitor wall arm.

 Click on the video below to see its range of motion:

 Scroll all the way down to see another video clip.



LCD Monitor TV Wall Hospital Arm Long Reach, Articulated 

With the new gas assisted long reach DW630W wall monitor TV arm you can easily view a LCD Monitor in bed or on a medical chair. Position the monitor arm over the bed in your desired position, and it will stay there.

For the most common application, which is when the monitor faces the headboard, the removable handle is used. In certain applications, if the handle is in the way of the ideal monitor tilt or swivel, the handle can be removed. In the case of forward monitor positioning (when the monitor faces 100% opposite to the headboard), the handle can be re-positioned, as shown below. When the handle is removed, the monitor bracket's total swivel capability of 180 degrees side to side and 180 degrees front to back.



- TV Viewing is totally adjustable:  the LCD VESA Monitor Bracket swivels and tilts so the monitor or TV can face parallel to the bed, or towards the headboard or any wall and even forward. 

- Tilts all the way in the opposite direction, without the handle attached: (180 degrees total; 45 with handle)
- Swivels 180 degrees side to side without the handle and 60 with the handle.
- Rotates 360 degrees
- Cables run hidden along arm sections, covered by an easily removable cable conduit (see Page 2; Step 5 of Instruction Sheet link below). 
- Cable conduit internal dimensions: 23 H x 26 W mm; 0.9 H x 1.02 W  inches

Click here for the Instruction Sheet

What fits:
a) Fits monitors weighing from 12 to 18 lbs. 

Note: Please be sure to check the weight of your monitor before ordering.The weight of your monitor is generally specified under your monitor's "Specifications" easily found online. Contact us if you are not sure.

b) VESA Mounting hole pattern: standard 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 bracket hole-mount pattern. Optional bracket adapter is available for 200 x 100 TVs (DAD200100 see below).  Check that your monitor has mounting holes on the back or if an adapter is available if it doesn't.

Hospital Healthcare Over the bed monitor wall arm

a) D-AD200100  VESA 200x100 Adapter

b)  D-REF Installation Reinforcement Plate: to ensure a sturdier installation, especially on hollow walls or non-concrete walls, we recommend the D-REF Installation Reinforcement Plate (see PDF). This increases the footprint of the arm's base and, most importantly, adds 15 extra holes so you can "catch" the stud in the middle of the stud and the base. It also adds more fastening points on the sides to reinforce installation.  Click here to buy.  

Note for Hollow-Wall installation:
Fasteners are included for most common walls (concrete, wood, hollow). Nevertheless, you must check the characteristics of your particular wall and use the appropriate fasteners. In the case of hollow walls, take into account the material and thickness of your particular hollow-wall. We recommend metal anchors for at least 50 lbs. each, to compensate for the down-force (torque) applied on the base of the arm when it is fully extended, horizontal to the floor. Consult a professional installer in case of doubt. The above D-REF plate aids in securing installation. An example of hollow-wall anchors can be seen here but the anchor used will depend on your type of hollow wall. Always tray to catch the stud with at least 2 bolts or reinforce the wall because the anchor will surely not break, the wall might.


Try multiple viewing angles, with positioning possibilities greatly facilitated by the double-spring articulated LCD monitor wall arm, which extends all the way to a straight 63" (horizontal to the floor). Then, when not in use, fully push it back against the wall.

The torque of the movements can be adjusted, to suit individual applications.

Long Reach Hospital Wall Arm - Gas assisted. Articulated wall monitor bed arm

This hospital LCD wall arm has a great range of motion.

Hospital Healthcare Wall TV Arm Over Bed - Long Reach 63 inch long


Below is a short video clip courtesy of one of our business customers showing two DW630-1218 arms, one on each side of the bed, installed for a bedridden individual.

DW630W_Hospital-long-reach-monitor-wall-arm-over the bed

DW630W_Hospital-long-reach-monitor-wall-arm-over the bed

 VESA L100 x 100 & 75 x 75 CD Monitor Bracket for CUZZI DW630W & DW395W Hospital Monitor Wall Arms


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