DC982CA Long Reach Drop Down 74" Healthcare Ceiling Monitor Arm Rotational & Height Adjustable

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CUZZI DC982CA  74' Long Reach Hospital Drop Down Adjustable Height Healthcare Ceiling Monitor Arm - White

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This is an extra-long "rotational" ceiling monitor arm with great height, extension and positioning possibilities.  It is designed to facilitate moving the monitor generously around the room with a radius (extension from the "axis") up to 74". It is rated for monitors weighing from 4.4 to 17.5 lbs. Please continue reading to understand how this arm works. Also please scroll down to see the video.

A popular choice in medical and assisted living facilities, dental practices and even in homes as a bed monitor arm.

This ceiling monitor mount consists of a adjustable-length vertical pole which attaches to the ceiling and acts as an "axis" which connects to an articulated arm. The pole's length can extended from 30.51" to 46.25" from the ceiling. Please scroll down to see Main Dimensions drawing.

The pole then meets the horizontal arm. The first section of this arm is 43" long. It always stays horizontal and rotates around the pole. It connects to the second section, which is a 29" long and can stay either horizontal or be dropped to vertical.  When this section is fully extended horizontally, the arm's total length reaches  74". When the 2nd section is all the way down to vertical, the total monitor drop will be 85" from the ceiling (when the ceiling pole installed at full extension). This is the maximum drop from the ceiling (7 feet).

These movements are greatly facilitated due to the arm's built-in gas springs. In addition, the VESA monitor bracket tilts, swivels and rotates allowing many viewing possibilities.

The best way to visualize this arm's range of motions is by clicking on BOTH the following videos: Video 1 & Video 2 .

The arm includes concealed power and CAT6 video cables, which can be replaced if needed (Video # 2, at 0:43 seconds) . HDMI cables also can be retrofitted.

The reach of the arm is great: when fully extended the monitor can reach 74.56 inches from the pole. The height of the horizontal section of the arm from the ceiling can also be selected when installing. The monitor bracket also tilts and swivels.

The video clip shows how this height adjustable ceiling monitor arm can rotate around the vertical pole attached to the ceiling. Its swiveling and height adjustability allows the monitor to face in all directions. This is great solution in situations where a monitor is needed but a wall is not available or when attaching to a wall is not practical or would complicate the working area. 

The following video clips show how this ceiling monitor arm can be operated: 

Video # 1: Assembly, cable management, movements


Ideal for hospital rooms and other healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, dental offices and homes. 


Video # 2: Full Movements

 Watch on YouTube: assembly & wire management


Main Dimensions:

 DC982CA Hospital bed Monitor Ceiling Arm Mount with Adjustable Height and rotation

TV Monitor Healthcare Ceiling Mount

Above: main dimensions of the base

Aim the monitor in any direction

The above drawing shows the main dimensions, in inches and its extension possibilities. You can see how the vertical pole which attaches to the ceiling can be set to drop from 30.51" to 46.25". This drop is selected when attaching the arm and can be adjusted by removing and re-inserting 2 Allen bolts, as shown in Video # 1.

The first section of the arm is 43.3" (3.6 feet), which always stays horizontal and rotates 323 degrees around the pole.

The second section of the arm is 29.92" and holds the monitor and can articulate from totally horizontal down to almost vertical.

When totally horizontal the maximum length of the arm will be 74.56" (6.21 feet) and the drop would be 69.60" from the ceiling (5.8 feet). See the red section in the drawing above.

If that second section is dropped down to almost vertical, the total length will be 47.44 (3.95  feet) and the total drop would be 85.35" (7 feet) from the ceiling.

Quick reference: 

Max extension (horizontal length): 74.56" = 6.21 feet , when arm is fully extended horizontally.
Maximum drop available (vertical) = 85.35" = 7 feet (when the pole attached to the ceiling is installed at full extension and LCD arm is totally vertical.


Weight capacity: monitors from 4.4 to 17.6 lbs.
Monitor Mount bracket: VESA 75x75 and 100 x 100 mm. Adapter available for 200 x 100. You can also easily find 200 x 200 adapters online, if needed.
Monitor Tilt: 20 degrees up and 45 degrees down
Monitor also can swivel to each side.
Monitor bracket does not rotate.
Gas spring assisted for smooth operation.
Made of aluminum alloy & steel
Includes removable power cable and cat 6 flat cable (LAN cable) concealed inside the arm

Cables are concealed inside arm an can be replaced.





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