DVC03-SH-PD 20" Adjustable Height Laptop, Printer, Monitor Shelf - Clamp on table shelf- Create a stand up laptop desk!

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DVC03-SH-PD  20" Wide  DVC03-SH-PD 20" Adjustable-height Laptop, Printer, Monitor shelf - Clamp on table shelf - Create a stand up desk!

Use it to Create your Stand-up Laptop Desk in minutes.... or to add a shelf for a laptop or printer on your table. Simply clamp on the edge. Height adjustable!

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This item consists of a 18" tall clamp-on-desk pole plus a 20" W x 16" D shelf that easily clamps-on to a table's edge. No tools required. The shelf's can be used as a monitor riser, or as an extra shelf for a printer or laptop, or even to create a quick stand-up laptop desk. 

The shelf can swing 360 degrees around the pole and the height adjusted along the pole. For alternating work with a laptop from sitting to standing operation, simply place the laptop on the shelf and adjust the shelf to the height desired. It is also great for optimizing space by using it as a printer shelf.  Extra sturdy construction. 

We also have a dedicated keyboard shelf  and a laptop shelf that you can attach instead of this shelf.

This is an easy way to alternate working in sitting mode and standing mode.

In addition, scroll down to see that you can add many other items to this pole, such as monitor mounts, keyboard trays and even a laptop tray or second shelf. Great functionality and space-optimization.

Height adjustability:
The full range of height-travel of the shelf is 15.5" from low to high. When set at the bottom position, the top of the shelf will be 3.5" above the your regular tabletop height. This might be too high for sitting position for some users. Since a standard table is around 29" tall, the shelf would be around 33" from the floor at its lowest position. Please check to see if this will be too high for you if you intend to use this for a laptop in sitting position.

For standing position, the maximum height would be around 45" for an average height table.

To reset the height, simply use the handle on the pole's clamp to loosen it, choose the new height, and then secure it. Generally, it is set at the ideal height for standing use and then the user simply moves his laptop from the desk to this shelf when wanting to switch to standing position.

At its maximum height, the shelf will be 18.5" above the table's height.

This is a practical way to have the choice of working with your laptop in a standing or sitting position.

The shelf also rotates (swings) all around the pole (360 degrees). 



With this easy add-on adjustable-height pole-shelf you can optimize your work-space. You can add this shelf quickly to any table or desk. You can use this shelf for many purposes:

1) To place a laptop
2) To add a printer or a second monitor
3) To simply add extra work space....


* Attach to a desk or table: the installation is a breeze: simply clamp the pole to the table edge. Then slide the shelf right on. No tools needed.

* Heavy-duty dual bolt clamp: instead of using just one flimsy plastic-knob screw like of the the items in the market, this unit uses 2 all metal bolts, to better distribute the pressure on the clamp's base. Also, no possibility of broken knobs.

* Attach to a wall: the pole can also be attached to a wall by driving screws through the vertical section of the clamp and not using the bottom thumb-screw section.

Shelf Dimensions:


Add more funcionality to the pole:
You can really get creative by adding a few of the following optional items to this pole (click on the item's name for more info on that item):

a) D-LCD35 Monitor Mount (VESA 100 & 75 hole patterns)

b) DFL17-ARM  Monitor Arm  17" Articulated Monitor Arm VESA 100 & 75 hole patterns)


c) DLPTA Laptop Arm


d) DVC03-KB Keyboard Shelf w/Mouse Tray Arm for 35 mm poles 


Simply contact us with your ideas and perhaps we can work out a good solution together.

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joseph Pi
Great idea

I loved the concept. I was looking into a stand-up desk, but then they mostly looked either too wobbly, or were too wide, too expensive, etc.... couldn't make up my mind. I admit, I am not easy. Then I came across this concept which I liked. It is basically a strong 100% metal pole that you clamp on a table or desk edge. Then you slide a shelf onto the pole and you select the height and set it with a practical handle. Simple and effective. The shelf also rotates all around the pole and allows to work in sit or stand modes. I bought an extra one for the other side of my 45" table and place the printer on it. So now I have all the tabletop free and can just stand up and place the laptop on this shelf for a "standing work session" without having an bulky expensive sit-stand electric desk or those monitor riser units that take up all your desk top. I live in FL and received the item the next day I ordered it. Thank you.

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