D254180_X TV Ceiling Extension Pole for an Extra 44" to 80" Extension

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D254180_X TV Ceiling Extension Pole for an Extra 44 to 80 inches (SKUD254180X)

For extra tall ceilings: allows to extend the drop down to 10 feet from the ceiling!

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This is a unique commercial-grade TV Ceiling extension pole that allows to extend the length of our TV Ceiling Mounts models D25-41-80 & D25-41-80_176 to a 10 feet total length! It is just the extension and must be combined with the above ceiling mounts.

The above TV ceiling mounts extend from 25 to 41" by themselves. This extension extends itself from 44 - 80". Therefore, by simply inserting this D 254180_X extension between the outer and inner poles on the above TV mounts, you can add an extra length from 44" to 80", so the above TV ceiling mounts with this extension pole, the total length can reach 121" (10 feet). You can add as many extension poles as needed.

You will also have great length possibilities in between, since all of the above items are telescopic-type poles, so you can play with both components to reach your ideal drop (extension) from the ceiling.

Which are all the are all the possible length settings?

By combining one ceiling mount with one extension pole:

a) Model D25-41-80 or D25-41-80_176 alone: 26; 30; 34; 38; 41"

b) ADDING this D254180-X Optional Telescopic Extension Pole: add up to extra 80", in 9 adjustments points (always in 4" increments) to achieve a maximum length of  121", when "a)" and "b)" are fully extended.

Therefore, if you add the extension with "a)" fully extended, you will take the length from 41 to 85" (41 + 44) and then have 9 additional lengths in 4" increments: 89; 93; 97; 101; 105; 109; 113; 117; 121 maximum.

If added with "a)" at 26" (not extended), the possible lengths are: 70/74/78/82/86/90/94/98/102/106".

Any combination in between is possible.

How is this extension pole inserted?

Click here for instructions - PDF

The extension pole goes in between the outer and inner poles on the D254180 mount. These are the steps:

1) Remove the inner pole from the D254180 (or D254180-176) by removing 2 Allen bolts and 2 small screws. This will allow to pull off the inner pole. Leave the plastic housing on the part you are pulling off.

2) Now insert Insert the tip of the extension pole which has the same plastic housing into the D254180 mount, where you took off the inner pole in Step 1 and secure with the bolts & screws.

3) On the other tip of the extension pole now insert the inner pole that you took off in Step 1. 

4)  Install the TV bracket on the end tip if is is not already installed.

5) Set your ideal length (drop from the ceiling) by removing the pairs of screws that set the lengths, on both, the main mount (e.g. D254180 and the extension, D254180_X).

Please contact us with all your questions or for volume orders.

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