DF17ARM LCD Pole Arm for 35 mm diameter Poles

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DF17ARM LCD Pole Arm for 35 mm diameter Poles (SKUDF17ARM)

This is a 17" long articulated LCD Monitor Arm for attaching a monitor to any pole with a 35 mm. diameter. Easily adjust the height of the arm along the pole by simply releasing the clamp using its handle, choosing the new height, and then re-tightening the clamp. No tools required.  

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This arm is also applicable to our DVC02 & Pole carts and the DLAC2 Laptop Desk stand, which use 35 mm. diameter poles.

The monitor can face virtually anywhere, since the arm has 3 adjustable articulations, so as to swing the arm in any direction.

The bracket also swivels 90 degrees to each side.

On top of this, the monitor bracket also can face the ceiling or the floor, since it turns 90 degrees in any direction.

You can also rotate the LCD bracket to view the monitor in landscape or portrait mode.

This arm can be extended 17" inches, measured from the edge of the pole to the back of the monitor. Then, it can be pushed all the way back to the pole. 

Also need the pole?

If you do not have the pole and wish to attach this arm on a desk or wall, there are 2 options:

Option 1 Clamp-on Desk: DF17CL for desk or wall: this item includes an 18" tall pole which can be attached to a desk via a clamp, and can also be bolted onto a wall.

Option 2 Bolt-on Desk: DF17GR for desk only: the same as above, but can be bolted onto a desk via a grommet mount instead of clamp mount.


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