DF17-CL Monitor Desk Arm - Clamp-on

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DF17-CL Monitor Desk Arm - Clamp-on desk or mount on wall

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The DFL17-CL is a great way to save space on your desk or table by quickly clamping a monitor stand on the table's edge. In addition, the articulating arm is great to find the best facing angle for your monitor. You can pull it out up to 17" from the pole and then push it back towards the pole or just swing it out of the way.

DFL17-CL with arm retracted against the pole

You can also rotate the arm 360 degrees, so it can actually face anywhere. If you have a touchscreen monitor, you can make the monitor face upwards and use the screen in stand up mode. The arm is also height adjustable all along the pole.

Due to its 2-piece clamp, by just affixing the rear vertical part of the clamp to a wall you can use this arm as a wall mounted monitor arm.

Heavy-duty dual bolt clamp: instead of using just one flimsy plastic-knob screw like of the the items in the market, this unit uses 2 all metal bolts, to better distribute the pressure on the clamp's base. Also, no possibility of broken knobs.

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* Dimensions:
- Pole Height: 17 3/4"
- Pole Diameter: 1 3/8" (35 mm.)
- Clamp opens up to 3"
- Monitor Bracket: VESA 75 & 100 mm patterns

* Features: 
- Articulated Arm extends from 4.5" to 17"
- Height is easily adjusted along the pole via a handle
- Monitor tilts, swivels, rotates AND turns all around the pole, facing anywhere.
- LCD bracket swivel: 270 degrees; total tilt: 220 degrees
- With cable management clips
- For monitors up to 23 lbs.
- Torque adjustable on all articulations


* Tip 1: when attached to a wall, since you can also adjust the height of the arm along the pole, if you add a chair and a wall-mounted keyboard arm, you can use this set-up as a wall-mounted computer-desk.

* Tip 2: Add a second LCD Monitor arm (DFL17ARM) and create a dual desk stand, where any arm can face anywhere:

* Color: Silver

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