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DSCLB-DW Monitor Desk Stand Height Adjustable - BLACK

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DSCLB-DW Monitor Desk Stand - Clamp-on - Height Adjustable - BLACK

Height-Adjustable LCD VESA Bracket

Also attaches to a Wall

* Color: only in Black (Silver is out of stock).

Save space on your desk, by clamping-on this height adjustable monitor desk stand. You can also attach it to a wall to create a height adjustable wall monitor mount. The LCD monitor can face in any direction, swing 360* around the pole, and can be used in landscape or portrait view.

DCSLB Clamp on Table Monitor Pole Stand Black

Useful tips:

* Tip 1: If the monitor is placed all the way on the top of the pole, it can be tilted up and a touch screen monitor can be used in standing position.

* Tip 2: the pole can be attached to a wall so as to have a wall mounted height adjustable monitor bracket. 


DSCLB Pole Monitor Desk Stand is height adjustable - VESA bracket

* Dimensions:
- Pole Height: 17 3/4"
- Pole Diameter: 1 3/8" (35 mm.)
- Base: 4.25" W x 4" D
- Clamp: for up to 4" thick tables. Ideal free edge: 2" (minimum: 1"). If no free edge, can be screwed to a side or any vertical area. Rear of clamp drops 4.5", and has 6 holes, to attach to a vertical surface. Steel thickness: 1/4".
- LCD Bracket: VESA 75 & 100 mm
- Distance from rear of monitor to pole: 4"


DSCLB Monitor Desk Stand with VESA 100 x 100 bracket is height adjustable, rotates, tilts & swivels


VESA bracket tilts 90 up/down degrees and also swivels 90 degrees left/right.
Also rotates 

Chrome plated VESA 100 x 100 monitor bracket exclusively on CUZZI DSCLB Desk Monitor Stand
* Features:
- LCD height easily adjusted w/the LCD bracket's handle .
- Monitor can tilt, swivel & rotate (landscape or portrait), and turns 360 degrees around the pole.
- LCD bracket total swivel: 270 degrees (own articulation); & 360 degrees around the pole.
- LCD tilt: 90 degrees down w/o monitor; 110 up w/o monitor.
- Includes cable management clips
- Ideal monitor weight: up to 23 lbs.
- Torque adjustability.


DSCLC Monitor Desk stand can be clamped onto a desk or mounted to a wall

The height of the LCD bracket can be adjusted along the 18" high pole via the handle behind the monitor.

 Easily clamp a Pole Monitor desk Stand to any table or desk with the CUZZI DSCLB Desk Stand


* Idea for Ipad:  attach an Ipad I or II to this stand with the optional D-IP Ipad Holder bracket, shown below:


Mount an Ipad 1 or 2 to your CUZZI desk stand

Shown above with optional D-IP Ipad Holder Vesa Adapter
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