DVC04-DLPTA - Rolling Laptop Pole Cart

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New!  DVC04-DLPTA Mobile Laptop Computer Pole-Workstation 

Sit or Stand - Height Adjustable

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This is a height adjustable pole laptop cart. You can adjust the height to use the laptop in sitting or standing position. You can also add extra parts. like monitor mounts, arms, keyboard trays, shelves, etc...

Main Features:

- Roll your laptop to the very point of need: a simple way to use your laptop virtually anywhere. Easily roll your mobile laptop pole stand next to a treadmill, table, desk, bed, etc.. Easily create an L-desk type of configuration by adding this pole laptop cart next to your working area, freeing valuable desk space. 

- Use in sitting or standing position: simply loosen the clamp's thumb lever and choose the new height along the pole. Then, re-fasten the clamp.

Adjust the height with the thumb lever

- Tiltable laptop tray: the laptop tray tilts 45 degrees, and the front lip prevents the laptop from slipping off. In addition, the item includes anti-slip pads.

- Use a keyboard in front of the laptop:  includes a retractable external keyboard support to add aif needed, in front of the laptop.


LAptop tray

- Customizable: add more components to create a full mobile workstation: you can add an LCD monitor mount or 17' arm to the pole, or a shelf or a full keyboard tray or even a bracket to retrofit your own shelf or device..

Available Parts for Customization:
a) Short Monitor Mount 5.5" long - for 35 mm. pole diameter  (DLCD35)
b) 17" Monitor Arm - for 35 mm. pole diameter  (DF17ARM)

c) Universal 12" Monitor Arm - for poles 1.25 - 2.5" diam. (DP125)
d) Universal 17" Monitor Arm -for poles 1.25 - 2.5" diam. (DP170)
e) Universal Adjustable 20" Monitor Arm (1.25 - 2.5" diam.) (DP855BS)

f) Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - 35 mm.  (DVC03_KB)

g) Extra Laptop Tray with keyboard holder- 35 mm.  (DLPTA)

h) Shelf for Printer, writing or laptop - 35 mm. (DVC03_SH)

i) CPU Holder - 35 mm.  (DVC03 CPU): $45.00


dvc02-byo build your own pole computer desk

You can see above an example of a possible configuration

How to Add more parts?

First add this item to the shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button above. Then, come back to this page and under "Available Parts for Customization" above, choose the parts you need by clicking on each link. Once selected a part, come back to this page to continue adding parts to the shopping  cart until done.

If you prefer, you can simply contact us at  or call  Ph: (321) 303-9598 so we discuss your needs and build it together over the phone.

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